Lesson plans dating abuse prevention

Drafting a written implementation plan or revising an existing implementation plan can help ensure that all stakeholders (including the FYSB project officer) are informed about selected activities and the rationale for the planned approach.Implementation plans are best developed at the beginning of the process, even if all details are not clear yet; the implementation plan may include information about involving a partner organization with expertise to help with further planning.Before that happens, grantees should have policies and procedures in place to address these situations, and staff should be trained on these policies.Grantees should have policies in place about responding to disclosures, mandated reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect, confidentiality and information sharing, and parental notification and involvement before providing ARA prevention content to project participants.Grantees are encouraged to adapt elements of these plans to fit their process of planning ARA prevention activities.

Coalitions and their member programs can help grantees learn more about the scope and impact of ARA in the community.

This toolkit is designed to guide grantees who want to incorporate ARA prevention into their programming through this process from start to finish. Grantees will find information on developing a project plan, strengthening partnerships with relevant organizations, and developing policies and procedures related to ARA prevention and response.

The second section, Selection and Adaptation of Materials, provides tools and practical guidance about selecting materials, including specific lessons and multi-session curricula, to address ARA.

These coalitions can also help identify the community-based DV/SA organizations that should be included in early and ongoing collaborative efforts.

Grantees who partner with coalitions or their member programs should spend time sharing information about the APP project.

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