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People leave your frequency when you start to vibrate higher.

You’re not gonna understand why the betrayal happened but the way I’ve been able to deal with that is by understanding the lesson that came with the person. There’s this exercise called grounding where you look around the room to find a couple things you can see, smell, taste, feel, hear so you can come back into your surrounding and out of your head.

We talk to each other and help each other out when we need help. except sometimes Kelly's brother gets on Lauren's sister's nerves (they are in the same homeroom). We are nice, smart, funny, sensitive, and friendly.

We are compatible and have been in the same class from Kindergarten to Second grade (we are in the same grade so we see each other a lot. We always keep it real and goof around with each other. (Wouldn't you like to have a friend-ship as strong as ours?

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Each person you meet is going to be a lesson or a constant, The only real constant thing is change though so the sooner you detach yourself from the emotions of losing this person (which sucks and might take a while but FEEL IT) the better…It hurts some days and other days I feel as free as the white doves guiding me, but you have to try, and decide you’re going to love you no matter what, The way you do with everything else around you. Local things, take a walk down your local street or just be outside with mama Gaia at a park or field or beach, whatever you can.Spend some time alone wondering who you wanna be… Be kind to yourself, love yourself, know that the voice deep in your heart telling you you deserve better is right, and follow her.Of course I have opinions on those things, because I have opinions on everything—but I think it all depends on what your intentions are.Also, what works on your profile differs between men and women, so consider that, too.

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