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You can use bullet points to make text easier to read. Lower case except where it’s a title with the holder’s name, like Chief Constable Andrew Trotter. Upper case, but generic references to tax credits are lower case. Lower case even in a name: Northampton borough council. The only acceptable use of square brackets is for explanatory notes in reported speech: “Thank you [Foreign Minister] Mr Smith.” Do not use round brackets to refer to something that could either be singular or plural, like ‘Check which document(s) you need to send to DVLA.’ Always use the plural instead, as this will cover each possibility: ‘Check which documents you need to send to DVLA.’ See Great Britain Upper case. Upper case because it’s the name of an organisation. Always write out the full name of the area the first time you use it. Use upper case for East End, West End (London), Middle East, Central America, South America, Latin America. Lower case when a group has a very generic title like working group or research team. Lower case unless part of a proper noun: Cardiff Harbour Authority. If there’s a point of style that is not covered here, check The Guardian. If you think an acronym is well known, please provide evidence that 80% of the UK population will understand and commonly use it. Only use upper case when referring to the name of an academy, like Mossbourne Community Academy. Upper case when referring to the Agile Manifesto and principles and processes, otherwise use lower case.

Upper case in titles: Spencer Tracy, Director, GDS. Always lower case unless it’s part of a proper title: so upper case for the Judicial Executive Board, but lower case for the DFT’s management board. Use headings or bullets instead if you want to emphasise particular words or sections. Upper case for the BBC fundraising event, lower case for children in need census. Acronym should come first as it’s more widely known than the full name. When adding bank details in content about paying a government body: See Words to avoid One word, lower case. Always lower case for team and generic names like research team, youth offending team. A ‘blog’ is the site on which a blog post is published. Lower case in all instances, including ‘the coalition’. Use lower case for the north, the south of England, the south-west, north-east Scotland, south Wales, the west, western Europe, the far east, south-east Asia. For example: ‘UK government’, but ‘Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. Use UK and United Kingdom in preference to Britain and British (UK business, UK foreign policy, ambassador and high commissioner). Upper case because it’s the name of a programme, but note that it’s Green Deal programme, Green Deal team, Green Deal assessment. Upper case for names of groups, directorates and organisations: Knowledge and Innovation Group. Upper case because Gypsies are recognised as an ethnic group under the Race Relations Act. So, the south-west (compass direction), but the South West (administrative region). If you’re telling users about multiple areas, use (for example) ‘England, Scotland and Wales’.

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