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It offers its customers various packages like for example the Art and Gourmet: The package includes: In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the historical 1968, the Italian Journalist Agency AGI has reconstructed its historical archives for that year.It has recovered the legacy of all the time-honoured Italian and international news agencies for the purpose of organizing this fascinating photographic and multimedia exhibition.Chronological details illustrate that the 20 century developed around and between Modernity and Tradition: from Ernesto Nathan, Mayor of Rome from 1907 to 1913 who clearly followed the political philosophy of Mazzini during the complicated period he was the city’s leader to the turbulent decade that saw mass movements and an artistic-cultural revolution which was christened with the name of the year in which it was most overpowering and universally known as 1968.Grand Hotel de La Minerve, a 5 star Luxury Hotel in Rome, is located in one of the most fascinating squares of the city, between the Pantheon and the Church of “Santa Maria Sopra Minerva”.

Taking a cooking or mixology class with a new date is a great way to flirt a little, talk a lot, and make something delicious together.

The exhibit focuses mostly on Andrea Pazienza’s output as a cartoonist especially for the benefit of a whole new generation of readers who might not be too familiar with his work.

Aficionados, Le straordinarie avventure di Penthotal (The Extraordinary Adventures of Penthotal) from the early 80s and his most famous character, Zanardi are only a couple of his creations on display.

His output ranges from brilliant advertising photography to his more recent and original auteur pieces as told by the 90 photographs on display – many of which have not been previously unpublished and in large format.

The exhibit is divided into two sections that are symmetrical in terms of their meticulous form and quality.

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