Kitty dudley puppy dating fanfiction

Kitty was waving her arm around trying to signal Dudley, but another figure appeared beside him and she saw Catherine beside him. Timeskip Rom Com: All Agents Keswick's lab had another accident. He pitched the series to Nickelodeon as "Get Smart with a dog." Eric Bauza, (who voices Foop in The Fairly Odd Parents and Leather Teddy in T. DVD, but they were dropped from the actual release. Because his previous animated series Danny Phantom already involved superheroes, Hartman decided that he would focus on making Dudley a secret agent. NOTE: The episode "A Doomed Christmas" along with Christmas episodes of The Fairly Odd Parents and Fanboy & Chum Chum were supposed to be on the It's a Sponge Bob Christmas! After eating one chili pepper too many, Dudley accidentally runs into the Ladies Room when he tries to wash his mouth with water!

Discovering this, he lies about the Ladies Room being out of order so that he can hide in shame.

For canon information about her, see Katty Katswell.

Katty Katswell is the twin sister of Kitty Katswell. Though Frankie and Cat were also refered as Kitty's twin sister, Katty was born with Kitty while Cat and Frankie have different birthdays from Kitty's. She became evil when she saved Cat from getting blasted when Birdbrain's father was borrowing Snaptrap's hypnotism ray.

Katty goes to scratch them, but Cat gets in front of them taking the scratch herself. But then Cat got her to remember saving her many years ago and after remembering this, Katty breaks free from the hypnotism effects on her own.

The scratch unfortunitly got to her eye that Kitty managed to cure after it was previously scratched out by Dr. Afterward, Katty is hired on as a new member at TUFF.

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