Kenya moore dating

I didn't know she was the type to just push people and push people until they just lose it until Porsha [Williams] explained to me what she's been through with her.

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) And while there's certainly been no love lost between the two on social media, Kim wants fans to know that that'll be the one and only time you'll see her lose her cool thanks to Kenya this season."I hate watching the drama unfold with Kenya, just allowing somebody to push by buttons," she told E!

"I'm very motivated by money and I love, like I've said, I've had a really great time hanging out with Sheree and doing these kind of events and going places and getting out of the house.

So the bigger the check, the more time I spend, yeah," the star told us. This is all a short-lived roller coaster ride, you know?

I mean Walter, African Prince, her so-called production company making a workout video with Phaedra and that shady-ass deal (pun intended), her house, her eviction/landlord mess, her sitcom, James, the texting drama with Apollo, her issues with Vivica A.

Out of all the Real Housewives, I never expected Kenya Moore to be the one to have a secret wedding. This just seems so very random- especially since she didn’t have the wedding as a story line for Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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