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In my experience, these scammers can be quite nasty if things aren't going their way.These scammers pretend to be orphaned young adults (usually late teens/early twenties) from one country, but are now refugees in another country.They will pull on your heart strings by calling you "Mommy", "Daddy", "Uncle" or what not. Abu Hadi [email protected] Williams Chamber Attorney At Law [email protected][email protected] Akos [email protected] Kujo Ecowas Bank Office Director of Operations [email protected] Karim Kablan [email protected] [email protected] Foreign Operations & Cash Transfer Department Director [email protected]@234-8056690932Dr.They tell you that they will come live with you and that they want to finish their education. 1) Steer clear of emails that sound suspicious or are too good to be true 2) Do an internet search for the email address the sender is using. William Gray CS & TC Director [email protected]@Mr. Anthony Williams United Bank of Africa Cote D'Ivoire Director Credit/Foreign Remittance Dept [email protected] & Raman Sule Anna Sule [email protected] Joachim Bileaka Esq. Michael Pam Director Diamond Bank Benin Republic West Africa [email protected] 229-67917242Isabella Sandra [email protected]@Donna Brown [email protected] Godwin Emefiele Central Bank of Nigeria Executive Governor [email protected]@ph [email protected]@ph [email protected][email protected] Agent Charles Brown [email protected] best thing you can do if you are in contact with a 419 scammer is to sever ALL ties with them. Many of the emails will quote passages from the bible or will ask that you invest the money into charity or churches to make them appear more trustworthy.After the "dying widow" thinks they have earned your trust, they will introduce either a bank or an attorney to contact in order to do up some legal documents to move the money.

We don't want them creating new emails because as long as they continue to use these email addresses, people that search will find them listed as scam emails. Afzzal Ahmed [email protected] Rupp Cadence Bank Transfer & Communications Manager [email protected] [email protected] James Denoswki [email protected] Richard Bruno [email protected] Diplomat Augustine Jim [email protected] Aquino Tomas Tubera Dulles International Airport [email protected]@571-207-5184Evelyn Dominic [email protected]@William Patrick [email protected] [email protected] Aku Jibril Director Account & Transaction Monitoring Division of Ecobank [email protected][email protected] Delivery [email protected] 229-99138947Mr.Then the bank or attorney will tell you that there are fees associated with all of this work, but that they will send you the millions within hours of receiving the fees.Usually, these scammers will pretend to be a banker, auditor, business partner or even a lawyer that has a dead client who left millions of dollars in a bank account somewhere.Many times it will more than likely appear on sites that report scams 3) NEVER give your bank details to someone you don't know, especially if you "met" them through uninvited emails and especially if they ask you to email your information to them. [email protected] Aka [email protected] White [email protected] Stephen James Admin Director Logistics & Operations Department Colonial Finance Company London [email protected] Mr. Kaka Frakoe Director Foreign Remittance Operation Banque Atlantique Togo [email protected] Service Company [email protected]@Mr. [email protected][email protected] Karom [email protected]@Davis Mark Money Gram Office [email protected][email protected] Dan Adebiyi Special Adviser to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of Nigeria on Special Duties [email protected]@234-8171570998Mrs. William Gray CS & TC Director [email protected]@[email protected] Larry Owens Director of Funds Office of the President [email protected]@Dr. Sri Zulkarnain [email protected] Mensah [email protected]@Dr. John Drysdale Head of United Kingdom Financial Intelligent Unit [email protected]@44-70254088459 44-7024092573Abdullah Fahim Abdul-Razzaq [email protected]@Mr. Cindy Farah Federal Ministry of Finance Benin [email protected] companies, banks, lawyers and other professionals would NEVER do this. Manigho [email protected]@Peter Karu [email protected] Aya Fuji [email protected]@Gloria Kai [email protected]@Logan Lewis Director and Chief Construction Engineer Costello Construction Company [email protected] Kofi Gana Debts Settlement Centre West African Monetary Institute [email protected]@226-67599998Col. Black Moore First Caribbean International Bank Cayman Ltd. Phillip Cooke [email protected] Allen [email protected][email protected] John Billymoore Director Foreign Remittance Wire Screen/Transfer Screening Wire Unit [email protected]@[email protected] Abdulaziz Ude Director General Central Bank of Nigeria CBN [email protected]@Mrs. Patrick Gaston The Western Union Cash Transfer Office [email protected]

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