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Further information that may be found in some of the petitions includes arrival date in Canada, previous residence, date and place of birth, age, marital status and names of other family members, oaths of allegiance, and character references. I have also seen the odd will included in these records.

Our 18-year-old son has been saving to buy his first car (probably used). The lighthouses will be on display along the Magnificent... ,” a romantic comedy feature film coming out at the end of the summer, I thought it looked like a cute, funny, feel-good movie to watch with girlfriends.After the June 18 resignation of former Lincoln Elementary School principal Lisa Carlos, Oak Park School District 97 announced it will seek an interim principal for the 2018-19 school year.According to district officials, several possible solutions were explored, but seeking an interim principal...Click here to view a document from a typical land lease record This is an example of a land lease application with some great info, age, where he came from, when he arrived in Upper Canada, and record of his military service. YEAR ========================================================= * - Denotes Land Lease Petition ABBE NATHANIEL .. Not all petitions are such great finds, but you never know until you check them out...leave no stone unturned!

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