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He has provided voluntary community service to many bereaved families and newcomers to Ontario. Panjwani has generously donated his time, knowledge and resources to community and non—profit organization such as Aga Khan Foundation Canada.BAPS Charities, and Focus Humanitarian Assistance, among many others.While as organisers we expected more people, the turnout as in years gone by didn’t disappoint.There was a also a change in leadership and Dr Biju Mathew took over from founder and the logest serving president of ICPA- Dr Dhanapal Natarajan.But Toronto isn't the only city with a gang problem.In Vancouver, Indo-Canadian gangs have gone on a killing rampage in recent years.Police across Canada are trying to crack down on heavily armed gangs that have turned some of our cities into battlegrounds.

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Nat has with the support of Manohar and Renuka, steered the ICPA through hard times and ensured that future generations enjoy the fruits of their labour.

George's, Grenada, The Honourable Jean Augustine is an energetic advocate of social justice.

Before entering politics, she was an elementary school principal and was Chair of the Board of the Metropolitan Toronto Housing Authority.

He is the author of a biography of a mathematician in India and the book will son be released by the Indian PM and also a release of the movie by Amitabh Bachaan in 2016.

He has won many awards and is based at Maple Ridge BC.

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