How to win the dating game eminem mare cary dating

That has the same effect in text form as smiling does in real life — letting her know that you’re keeping things light and playful.You might feel a little silly texting her a smiley face at first, but trust me, it’s the way to go.The topic of why relationships fail actually came up on a facebook post recently and people where giving their view points on the topic.

One major reason why many relationships fail these days is our inability to truly commit to anything. So when the things we rely on daily are that easy to change or upgrade, naturally that trade will start to effect other areas of our life. Commitment to giving love our all, to honor our partners needs, to loving them for all that they are (not who we want them to be), to being their best friend and partner – that’s the commitment we should look forward to in our relationship.By “win”, I mean find rather than going in circles in your dating life.There are a few major dating and relationship tips in this video that’ll save you from another heart break and really help you become a love magnet rather than repellant.Flirt Over Text Flirting over text is a great way to keep the excitement going and keep her interested.Be playful and don’t be afraid to drop an emoticon in here and there.

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