How do i delete my free grannyhookup account

If you choose to delete your Deezer account, please understand that you are deleting all your data.

This means the complete and immediate loss of access to your account and service.

Your Hotmail -- now -- email account is your Microsoft account.

If you want to delete the account because of spam or any other reason, you must delete the entire Microsoft account and lose access to all Microsoft services.

Before deleting your account, spend any remaining moola on items you can keep after account deletion.

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If you created your account via Facebook or Google , you will need to use the Deezer password that was sent to you when you created your account.

Companies usually give you a bit of guff when you try deleting an account with them, but Microsoft has relatively few of hoops to jump through to do so.

No matter the reason for deleting your account — switching to a new one, moving to a different OS, or just testing things out — the process remains the same. Before you completely get rid of a Microsoft account, there might be a few loose ends that need tying up. Cancel subscriptions: If you're subscribing to other services using your Microsoft account ID, cancel those subscriptions now.

Here's how to deactivate, deauthorize, sign out of your Apple ID on different devices, and delete your Apple ID!

We'll start by removing any devices that are associated with your Apple ID.

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