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As I drove, I was hearing a lot of squealing in the back seat. Focusing my rearview mirror on her, I saw KC was on her left and Kim was on her right, I could see that they were each sucking on one of her nipples and both had a hand in her crotch. I think the other two girls could tell how far to push it and they would stop whenever she got close to cumming.

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I slipped back in the driver’s seat and started the vehicle.OH GOD, YES SUCK MY CLIT, GOD THAT COCK FEELS SO GOOD AS YOU SUCK MY CLIT.” I was cumming just like KC as my cock shot a huge load deep in her pussy.I pulled my cock from KC’s pussy I was still pretty hard but was starting to shrink and was intending to pull up my pants.I moved to slide my cock in her pussy, but Kim grabbed it and sucked it into her throat cleaning DE’s spent juice from it.I soon pulled it from Kim’s tremendous mouth and buried it in KC’s tight pussy.

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