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My cell phone was velcroed to my right bicep, allowing me to stream music through tiny headphones stuck to my ears.

I'd cued up a playlist of songs by Slipknot, one of my favorite bands.

I'd always known my way around computers, phones, and other devices, and I also knew how to persuade people to do things, so it was a good job for me.

After a while, it felt like my friends were timing their arrival at my house to coincide with the best opportunity to catch my mom in a skimpy, sporty outfit. She had a job in the human resources department of a big company nearby, and she worked there four days a week, but she still found time to do all the usual mom things well: she cooked, she washed the laundry, she kept the house clean, among other things.

I hit the running trail and headed up a steep incline, wearing black nylon shorts, socks, and running shoes.

I also wore a GPS watch that would track my time, pace, and distance.

I liked to run to the sound of hard, pulsing rock music.

After about twenty minutes my body was covered in sweat. This was my favorite part of the run, the part where I was warmed up but not yet tired.

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