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Family comes first, above work or other responsibilities.Both Haitian men and women work; however, their roles in the family are distinctly different.The senior generation is a regular part of daily life and usually helps raise the children as well. Not only that but the community is involved as well. Additionally, according to the State University of New York, respect and obedience are instilled into children early.From a young age, children are taught to respect their elders and never show anger toward elders.There is a distinct African influence in Haitian family values, religion, and superstitions.Most Haitians place great importance on family life, no matter what class they belong to.

Important decisions will also be discussed with the elder family members as well.Middle and upper-class Haitians often live in urban environments and celebrate formal marriages and have family values similar to modern American values.The lower socioeconomic class families often have plasaj, or common-law, marriages and live in more informal, extended-family environments.Practicing Voudons believe there is a life force that connects all living beings and that everything and everyone has a spirit, including animals and elements in nature.They also believe that the ancestors' spirits are with them and that they should be honored and respected.

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