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This allows you to use Group Wise whether or not your network or Post Office Agent is available.

Because you are not connected to the network all the time, this mode cuts down on network traffic and has the best performance.

Updating your entire Caching Mailbox can take a lot of time and bandwidth (just like the initial “priming” of your Caching Mailbox) and can monopolize resources in your client and at the server.

All updates are performed in the background so that your work is not interrupted.

Tay Kratzer Danita Zanr Editor's Note: This article is based on the authors' book Group Wise 6 Upgrade Guide, which is published by Caledonia Network Consulting. Group Wise 6 includes many new features for administrators and users alike.

For the administrator, Group Wise 6 includes features such as a rock-solid back-end, better user management (such as disk quotas and caching mode), and enhanced backup and restore options.

When upgrading a Group Wise system, you should be aware of the following Group Wise software components: You should understand how to upgrade each of these components, and you should also know which Group Wise 5.x components are compatible with Group Wise 6 components.

You now manage Group Wise through Console One rather than the Net Ware Administrator (NWADMIN) 32 utility.

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