Grad school dating

If there is a discrepancy between the deadline information on this page and other materials you may have received, you should adhere to the deadlines on this page. Applications submitted after 12/01/2017 but before the closing date of 02/28/18 will be reviewed based upon availability of space and funding.Application deadline changed (new deadline is posted) *Electrical and Computer Engineering master's applicants: Applications submitted by 01/01/2018 are guaranteed review.

In graduate school, five classes would be nigh impossible.

I'm guessing it doesn't usually go quite that far, and could get the undergrad in trouble if the TA chose to pursue it as sexual harassment.

Some places have policies about it, and some don't.

Applications received between 03/31/2018 and 05/31/2018 will be reviewed on a space-available basis.

At that point, it was too late to switch classes or TA assignments - they also have a child, so it was hard to re-arrange schedules.

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