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Little white boxes hooked up to Wii Connect24 in the US should have a little blue light emanating from the front as Nintendo have updated the Wii's System Menu yet again.According to the letter delivered by Nintendo's digital pigeons: Poking about the System Menu after the update, it would appear that the pigeon was spot-on in its assessment that features are unaffected.If not, see This method uses the Multi Mod Manager to perform a network update of the shopping channel.

Have you tried using the compatibility chart agaist what your trying to play? As a case in point, check out these search terms I ran this afternoon: Big Bang Theory [any season] (not available), Inception (not available), Sgt. I'm not at all sold on Netflix yet as it doesn't appear to have any of the movies or shows I want to watch.THE USE OF VIRTUAL CONSOLE GAMES, WIIWARE GAMES, OR CHANNELS ARE FOR BACKUPS ONLY!IF YOU PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED THE GAME/CHANNEL THROUGH THE WIISHOP CHANNEL, AND THE INTERNET IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY ON YOUR WII, YOU MAY INSTALL FROM THIS SITE.

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