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I would be out of town for work, and he seemed pretty relieved that I wouldn’t be able to join them. And if she does that, then of course his friendship with her would be over. She is now getting a divorce, she’s having an affair with a wealthy married man and now apparently, she would be mean to me. Why would Scott want to be friends with this woman? — Concerned Fiancée First of all, let’s get something clear: you are not a “crazy, insecure girl” because you’re worried about your fiancé meeting up for “closure” with some chick whom he once had unrequited feelings for and being relieved that you’ll be out of town when he finally sees her.After some discussion (the crazy insecure girl inside of me came to the surface), he explained that he just wanted closure, that he wasn’t looking for a friend, just wanted to get some feelings resolved. I can’t keep somebody from trying to move on from hurt feelings. He knows that I am hurting over this friendship and that I cannot understand it, and yet there is no resolution. Second, it wasn’t “closure” if he’s still meeting up with her occasionally behind your back.We communicate very well and hardly ever argue because we talk through everything.

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They talk about whom they ate lunch with, what they watched on TV last night, what crazy thing their mom said in an email this morning.Establish the kind of respect you hope to have in your marriage NOW.Let him know that his relationship with you should be the most important thing in the world and that it’s both of your jobs now to put your relationship FIRST, to take care of it and nurture it and not let outside influences, like a “friend” of one of yours who is apparently so unpleasant she can’t be introduced to the other, fuck it up.You can add whatever color you want, you can go darker or brighter, any color works because the rest of the makeup is pretty natural/clean. Tag me if you guys replicate this look, I want to see!!This new lipstick by GIORGIO ARMANI (this color, this one and this one are my faves! x IT BYE BYE PORES PRIMER DIOR BEAUTY APPLICATOR LAURA MERCIER BRIGHTENING POWDER (BEST I’ve ever tried!

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