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“I think they’re in the driver’s seat for Kawhi because I think the Lakers have given up, the Sixers have given up,” he said.“And with the Nets, Bulls and Hawks spending their cap space, it makes it harder to assemble a multi-team trade.So the price of their co-called free psychic reading is a lifetime of being spammed. We've launched our very own live psychic reading service which requires no sign up, no registration and no email address.Our mediums do require a little information in order to build a connection with you and give you your reading.His current contract is scheduled to expire after next season if he chooses — as expected — not to sign an extension.Three years after his last contract, the disgruntled star is now eligible for a super-max extension — five years and 1 million — but only with the Spurs.I think the Raptors are in the driver’s seat.” Le Bron James’ departure from the Eastern Conference likely leaves the Raptors with a window of opportunity in what’s considered to be a fairly open field, currently headed by the Celtics and 76ers.The Lakers seemed eager to acquire Leonard before they signed James, but have been unable to meet the Spurs’ hefty price tag.

The Raptors are emerging as a likely destination for the Spurs star, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.“There are no ‘shoulds.’ You don’t have to draw a line between who is a lover and who is a friend.They’ve been “nesting partners” for 12 years, but they’ve both had other relationships throughout that time.The team previously had been an afterthought in trade rumors involving Leonard.The Lakers and the 76ers, who had previously been linked to Leonard, have lost interest in a potential trade, clearing the way for Toronto to swoop in, Windhorst indicated on the Lowe Post podcast.

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