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They have for example advertisement with a phone number and they tell that they have many "girls who are looking for some fun" etc.

Some of them ask you money in front and after all you will receive nothing!

But check below Prostitutes so you'll find something.

`Muscat’s Ruwi area can fetch you some relevant and satisfactory results in this matter.

However, one should always remain alert about the possible risks that may arise due to the involvement of fraudulent people in such acts.

You have to understand and read people’s mind well before choosing to get intimate with them.

These are basic safety norms one should always try and follow in order to stay safe and away from all sorts of potential hazards.

In front of Muscat Sheraton hotel's exit is a long line of Chinese (the girls are just called Chinese they are just from the Southeast Asia) prostitutes.

WARNING: On some Middle East areas there are few con artists who try to steal money from the customers.

However, one should always avoid paying someone in advance without clarifying each and every thing thoroughly.

Ruwi is a place where you can expect to find the availability of prostitutes and other working girls offering their sexual services.

All of the girls are Filipinos and they are only flirting and some even working as waitress. Safari Club located at Grand Hyatt Muscat has also some escorts working.

So, you can hire the services of the professional escort girls in order to enjoy their paid companionship.

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