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I progressed quickly in my career as a mechanical engineer with my company.My wife, Sue, and I and our two kids enjoyed a great lifestyle there.My wife Megan and I were born and raised in the Atlanta area, and got our degrees from the University of Georgia.We got married right after graduation and moved to Baltimore for my civil engineering job and Megan got a job in finance there.

My wife Lindsay and I met in college and spent most of our married life together in Minneapolis.My name is David, and I must admit that I didn’t handle...Read On Added: | Category: Bisexual | Avg Score: 4.95 | Views: 17,997 | Words: 7,083 | Tags: bisexual cuckold interracial black cocksucker pregnancy_risk oral | 11 Comments I meet a convention attendee at the beach and end up sucking his cock and others.We were still in our mid-forties when our kids had grown up and were away at college.With the kids out of the house, I accepted a long-overdue job promotion and transfer with my company to the Philadelphia area.

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