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I reluctantly said yes, since I couldn't afford to pay for my own flight.So I signed another contract and began the most disgusting day of my life.Also please keep in mind that your story can and will help others learn about the harms of pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation and that it will help them make more informed decisions about pornography and the sex industry, particularly in regards to choosing to stop using it or participating in it.e have more than 200 archived stories which have been collected over the past several years that we have not yet had time to post.So please check back in the future to read them, as they will be posted as time allows.They are told in their own words and are in their original form as submitted by the authors.(Except for a few minor punctuation, grammar and spelling edits, etc.Only a few days after I turned 18, I contacted as many porn producers as I could, looking for work.Almost immediately I started receiving offers, and the next thing I knew I was on a plane heading to California.

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The first few shoots were very basic, but then in the next shoot they informed me that I wouldn't be paid the full price or have my flight paid for unless I did the anal scene.

So that was checked off my list, and then it became this voice in my head: So I started checking his laptop history and phone history, and I found countless pages of porn still open and tracked.

He previously confessed to watching porn while I was in the same room right next to him.

What I mean by that was he couldn't get off no matter how skinny I was, how much make up I had on, or how quiet I was when his family would emotionally abuse me.

He has no idea to this day that I feel like I'm not thin enough or good enough.

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    The women on these sites are either fake, or sometimes they’re even just hookers looking for a convenient way to meet johns.