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This past year was he holed up in his house, getting fatter, and narrating his documentary that supposedly is coming out to accompany the reissue of "Listen Without Prejudice"?Shady Fadi needs to spill the beans about GM's final days. As do GM's family, who might be above coming to an agreement to buy silence. All he needs to do if he's concerned about his "safety" is disappear for a while: no postings on social media, no talking to the tabloids, and no walking around desperately waiting for the paps to take his picture.I doubt he's much to blame and probably cleaned up after whatever crazy shit went down Christmas Eve before he called the cops.

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He never actually said he was in the house Saturday night.According to Shady Fadi's nephew: "The family of George Michael's lover Fadi Fawaz expect him to struggle after the star's death on Christmas Day" Yeah, I bet the poor leech will struggle now that his cash cow is no longer paying the bills. Interesting excerpts from R3's link: "Contrary to reports that the Wham!singer had turned into a loner, the Sunday People can reveal he had a procession of visitors in the run-up to his unexplained death at the age of 53 on Christmas Day."Things aren't looking very good for Shady Fadi: "Questions continue to be asked about Fadi’s behaviour the night before his celebrity boyfriend died.In any case, his nonstop famewhoring on social media playing the martyred widow is really upsetting George's family. And even if they were, WHY were they not together on Christmas Eve? Too many questions have come up.”Finally he concludes: "I pray that this nobody doesn’t earn a penny from Yog’s death, any money he is offered for his so called story should go straight to one of Yog’s charities which now you all know how many he had helped."DRAMA!!!His cousin Andros posted this on FB: “I have been trying to hold back on this tweet I saw nearly 10 days ago but the more I am reading and the more I am finding out about Fadi I just can’t keep my mouth shut any longer.”Andros also alleges: “No 1 he was never with Yog (GM's nickname) 24 hours a day. It looks like everyone involved in this saga has a reason to lie, or at least exaggerate.

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