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A two year deferred sentence on the misdemeanor charge of Outraging Public Decency. There is always a risk in proceeding to jury trial and sometimes accepting a favorable plea is the right thing to do; but the best plea deals often come when a lawyer is ready, willing and able to put the state to the test. Ed.2d 335 (2002) and the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals opinion in Blonner v. Through negotiations with the Tulsa County District Attorney’s office, Mr. Jordan's life by resolving the case with a non-death plea. Adams win his first Federal Acquittal the verdict was returned on his 30th birthday. Schoonover and did not attempt to retry him for a third time. The state had 2 eyewitnesses that testified that Mr. Adams could be present with his wife during the birth of their daughter. English on 1 count and deadlocked on the other count 9-3 for Acquittal.

The state blinked and offered the coach a deal that was too good to turn down. It is highly unusual to convince a judge to modify a sentence received after a jury trial. Adams represented Jonathan Curry who was accused of First Degree Murder. Curry would have received a minimum of a life sentence, which in Oklahoma means 38 calendar years before becoming eligible for parole. Curry a deal of a no contest plea to the non-85% crime of accessory after the fact and a term of 15 years. Curry should be home within 5 to 6 years instead of a minimum of 38 years. Schoonover was previously convicted of First Degree Murder which was overturned on appeal. Schoonover at the retrial and he was acquitted of First Degree Murder. Schoonover was convicted of accessory after the fact of a felony and given a seven year sentence. (Read the winning opinion)The state of Oklahoma dismissed the case against Mr. The trial had to be stopped on the afternoon of the third day so that Mr. English was charged with two counts of Sexually Abusing a Minor Child, the Jury Acquitted Mr.

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