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Inspiration for some artists can come from issues that are present today.

Deborah Silverman, Professor of History and Art History at the University of California in Los Angeles, states that the "Analysis of particular visual forms expands to an interpretation of art and artists as carriers of cultural history in the crucible of modernity." This notion has been present in art throughout time.

West Indian calypsonians participate annually in songwriting competitions with the common use of double entendre, humour and metaphor as well as monikers to avoid legal complications (see Calypso Music).

An example are the works of photojournalist and war photographer James Nachtwey.The larger audience offered by radio and television has diminished the significance of public speaking as a means of social commentary.The United Nations General Assembly is one of the biggest global organisations that focus of planet Earth and humans.What is probably the most common social commentary is that of the editorial section of newspapers, where columnists give their opinion on current affairs.The letters section of papers allows a similar platform for members of the public.

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