Foot fetish fast meeting

Stay tuned for an awesome crutching clip coming up soon!Originally, this shoot was going to look like it was in the 70's, but I screwed up by having Starbucks and a cell phone in the clip.Next week she's back over in a plaster LAC and she wants you to be the first to sign it.

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Last night, you met Jessica at the bar and today she's meeting you over at your place. You can't take your eyes off her cast or her toes and she notices.Angel just broke her leg and she's making a video about it to vent to her followers.Then we follow her with a hidden cam as she crutches at a home improvement store, grabs some groceries, and takes a break at a coffee shop.Next, you wake up in bed next to her three weeks later.She's wearing nothing but her plaster cast and it's absolutely filthy and covered in signatures.

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