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The difficulties of being away from home were evident in the case of seafarer Rodel, whose family home was destroyed by fire earlier this year. Fortunately, Sailors’ Society chaplain Jasper del Rosario was able to support Rodel’s family.“It’s very hard for a seafarer like me to have such an incident happen to my family while I’m not around,” Rodel told us on Facebook.He was also able to contact his fellow port chaplain in the Philippines, who visited the seafarer’s widow and children, offering counselling and financial support through such a difficult time. Fatigue, poor mental health and stress can affect seafarers on a daily basis and be the difference between safe transit and a major incident.

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The Seafarers’ Home in Kandla, India will be offering their usual warm welcome and free sight and hearing tests, funded by Sailors’ Society.And although seafaring is more often than not a rewarding and fulfilling career, it’s not without daily challenges: violent storms, extreme loneliness and isolation, the threat of piracy and even hijacking by terrorists.With contracts lasting up to a year at a time, seafarers are far from loved ones and not able to access the everyday services that others take for granted.At Sailor’s Society, we’re passionate about telling people that seafarers matter.While they bring us 90 per cent of everything we own and use, the reality is that seafarers are often overlooked – an invisible workforce.

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