Examples of an adult chat tf2 validating error

Once I'd sat the test I waited about a week for them to get back to me, and then I was in! The way the job worked was you had a number (usually around 4-6) of clients on the go at once.You could send them up to three texts for each one they sent you.On slow days when there weren't many clients, I could be making less than £2 an hour.You mentioned things went wrong, what was this other that the money and the boredom?Obviously, in all but exceptional circumstances, these messages were of an extreme sexual nature.The company got most of its clientelle from a daily advert in the Daily Sport, but traded under various different names - such as 'Local Girls 4 U'. I was pretty depressed and had been out of work for a few months, and got told about it by one of my friends.

While at first it was a novelty, and I laughed off the concept that it was ever going to 'get to me', or that I'd ever see it as more than sad old blokes wasting their money, it actually very quickly became really dehumanising.

Not just were we pretending to be other 'real' girls, but also oftentimes someone would text in again wanting to speak to a girl they had spoken with before.

And often, the person who had worked as this girl wasn't working at that time, and so you would have to pretend to be this person - in fact the allocation of clients was almost totally random, so with the majority of clients you were continuing on from someone elses conversation, pretending to be them.

Probably more down to my ability to type quickly and accurately than any ability to be particularly sexy!

I provided a scan of a (female) friends passport to 'prove' I was over 18 - I thought I would have to pretend to be female, although in retrospect I very much doubt they cared.

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