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“This is 50” is not just the famous song of the rap god.

It’s an official fan club of 50 cent turned into the top entertainment community, where members can get exclusive content, to buy one-of-a-kind autographed things, and even get a chance to work with 50 cent.

Be sharp - invite members, create different groups, and hold various events around your interests.

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This spirit of Findhorn can equally be called the …read more!The home intends to cater for those patients […] Read More Nordic – and Middle European Regions Ladies Circle Luxembourg Luxembourg 26 – 28 January 2018 Page South European – and African Regions Ladies Circle Botswana Gaborone 2 – 4 February 2018 Page Read More AGM 2018 – Haugesund, Norway The 59th LCI AGM Conference 2018 will be in Haugesund, Norway 30 August – 2 September 2018 Facebook page Website AGM 2019 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands The 60th LCI AGM Conference 2019 will be in Rotterdam, The Netherlands 28 August – 1 September 2019 Facebook page Website AGM 2020 – Lahti, Finland 61st […] Read More Do you want to travel? LCI Conference 60th LCI Conference 2019 28 August – 1 September Rotterdam, The Netherlands Read More…LCI Conference 61st LCI Conference 2020 […] Read More When you join Ladies’ Circle (LC) you normally attend a meeting of a local Circle in your town/village.It’s an open society for people who believe in love and fraternity.Taking care of social, economic and environmental sustainability, they became the real ambassadors of peace in the world.

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