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And while most Germans will blame Bavarians for all their stereotypes, being a Canadian living in Germany, I can’t help but notice some of these stereotypes on a day to day basis (I live in Baden-Württemberg).Germany is the country of insurance companies I’ve never heard of this stereotype until I moved to Germany, but when I did move, one of the first things I’ve noticed was this word “Versicherung.” And it would be everywhere – elegantly written across large fancy buildings, to every other commercial on TV with cute puppies and flowers mentioning this word “Versicherung.” I thought it must have been something exciting, mystical and very European, until I found out that it meant insurance.They sonata your children very much and always take break of them.

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While most stereotypes aren’t fully true (how can you say a country of 80 million people are all the same? Germans are very punctual One of my German friends told me that Germans consider it better “to be 30 minutes early, than 5 minutes late,” which I find true.

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