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We have to look down the road.’ We knew there were a lot of good young hockey players coming through the draft.We knew we’d be drafting kind of early and I knew there was a guy named Denis Potvin coming.” Unlike some expansion GMs before him, Torrey knew his team was going to live or die by the draft.Four Cups and almost a fifth gave Torrey an extended honeymoon period on Long Island, but not an indefinite one.And when he was let go after a couple of decades, he landed with the Panthers.“Our brethren didn’t leave us a lot at the expansion draft, and nine of the 18 players I drafted jumped to the World Hockey Association,” Torrey told me.“I sat down with the owners and said, ‘Look, there’s no way we can compete with the Rangers.Sure, the female lead is initially turned off by his goofball humor or infantile outbursts, but she sees the wounded, good-hearted guy underneath and warms up to him by the end.Dazed and Confused": "I get older, they stay the same age."" data-reactid="12"But it seems as Sandler gets older, his romantic partners in movies don't.

What is almost entirely forgotten though is the fact that Torrey was able to ice such a great team despite an existential financial threat.

“One morning in 1978 we woke up and found the team was -million in debt,” Torrey told me.

“We were an inch away from filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which would have meant the end of that team.

But when he meets a girl he actually sees a future with, he has to enlist his assistant to pretend to be his wife, and he ends up with a whole fake family. She's impossibly beautiful, and nearly young enough to be his daughter, but that's what makes it funny.

However, the woman he enlists to be his fake wife is played by Jennifer Aniston, a much more age-appropriate (but still ridiculously gorgeous) match for him.

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