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Since September 2014 VK is fully controlled by Group.

Group is one of the largest digital companies in Russia that started as a free email service and with the time turned into a multibillion corporation owning a number of highly successful social-, communication- and entertainment-related projects in Russia.

Known to have been distributed by the Neutrino Exploit Kit, Necurs is arguably one of the most prolific Windows OS rootkits that loads modules for Caa S offerings.

Indeed, the Necurs administrator has been known to rent out the botnet infrastructure to various top-tier cybercriminals seeking to distribute spam.

This application combines all the best dating app features and makes it easy for you to chat and meet new people.

Today Rambler owns a number of services – from standard search, news and email to dating, horoscopes, financial- and real estate-related portals. You don't need a credit card when you use our free dating site, our site is 100% free!Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you to find your perfect match! Millions of users, both guys and girls, are searching and finding each other every day.However, as the Necurs source code and its ownership remain closely-guarded by the administrator, the service is typically only available to heavily-vetted elite cybercriminals.Dating Affiliate Scams Dating affiliate scams are an extremely common spam tactic that enables cybercriminals to steal money from unsuspecting individuals by luring them into fake dating websites.

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