Ellen degeneres dating portia de rossi

A ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains serves as the ideal retreat, where Portia de Rossi can indulge her passion for horses and Ellen De Generes can escape everything—except her obsessive love of design It didn't take Portia de Rossi long to discover Ellen De Generes's passion for decorating.

For De Generes, Number 6 is "very much like Belgium" and Number 8 "more contemporary." She and De Rossi have lived in most of them and recently moved back into Number 5, which has a screened porch and a prime view of the largest rock on the property—"the size of a small apartment," De Generes marvels.

"There are times I'll come to the barn and see a beautiful piece of early American furniture where my horses get groomed," De Rossi says.

"I have to explain to Ellen that I need to fit a horse in there." De Generes did manage to sequester one stall and turn it into an elegant sitting room.

It was there that De Rossi wrote part of her 2010 memoir, An Oldenburg gelding in the horse barn, which is paved with rubber tiles; another stall contains a 1900s French armchair, a 19th-century table, and bird prints. They did, however, retain a public restroom, and gave its interior a coat of chalkboard paint.

The workbench in the entrance is 19th-century French. "I leave chalk in there so everyone can draw," she adds.

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