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Well over-due a ‘Movember date’, the Eagle didn’t disappoint, turning up to meet me at Waterloo with an unsightly upper-lip, which became the butt of most of my jokes that afternoon.

After a brief introduction, we walked down the tourist-filled South Bank.

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However, keen to return the favour and play Cilla for me, Dapper arranged for his housemate, and fellow Army Captain, the Legal Eagle, to accompany me to the creepy exhibit.

The Eagle is a military lawyer, hence the choice of blog name.

A main house adjoins the dungeon (2 bedrooms, 145 m2), a watch tower (2 bedrooms, 50 m2) and a former stable converted into dwellings (studio, 45 m2) for disabled use.

The dungeon of 250 m2 is for full renovation, it is watertight and is reinforced by metalwork, awaiting a saviour.

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When a friend of mine first suggested I visit London Dungeon as part of my ‘FEAR’ experiment, I didn’t take him particularly seriously. It was just a tourist attraction, filled with foreigners and odd-smelling smoke. But as I realised during the 30 Dates Challenge, sometimes the best dates can be at the least romantic of venues!

And often an unorthodox location can be the perfect ice-breaker to kick off a good date.

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