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Applications included the use of TL and Optical Dating for “retrospective dosimetry” (Dose Reconstruction) in the modern era. Cultural innovation and megafauna interaction in the early settlement of arid Australia. Miller, G., Magee, J., Smith, M., Spooner, N., Baynes, A., Lehman, S., .

A key focus of the LDL was reaching into past times using radiometric dating: Optical Dating in particular had “broken through” to gain recognition as a major new chronological technique.

Activity areas include retrospective dosimetry, radiation detection technology development including a novel class of radiation-sensitive optical fibres and single-sand-grain Optical Dating apparatus, TL research, and environmental radioisotope and dose-rate measurement. Advanced Functional Materials, 27(39), 1702384-1-1702384-11. Veth, P., Ward, I., Manne, T., Ulm, S., Ditchfield, K., Dortch, J., .

The laboratory possesses world-leading technology, hosting the most sensitive TL spectrometer, and the world’s most sensitive radiogenic luminescence imaging technology for spatially-resolved OSL & TL imaging.

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private industry and Australian and international Government agencies. Topological carbon nitride: Localized photon absorption and delocalized charge carrier separation at intertwined photocatalyst interfaces. Tibby, J., Barr, C., Marshall, J., Mc Gregor, G., Moss, P., Arnold, L., . Luminescence dating of zircon using an imaging photon detector. Investigation of the role of the production process on the luminescence of sea salt products. Sediment dates with implications for the age fo teh conversion from palaeochannel to modern fluvial activity on the Murray River and tributaries. Grün, R., Spooner, N., Thorne, A., Mortimer, G., Simpson, J., Mc Culloch, M., . Age of the Lake Mungo 3 skeleton, reply to Bowler & Magee and to Gillespie & Roberts. Thorne, A., Grün, R., Mortimer, G., Spooner, N., Simpson, J., Mc Culloch, M., .

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