Different types of dating abuse

This document examines the prevalence of dating violence by gender and communities of color.The document also presents information about the different types of dating violence and their effects on teens who experience dating violence.If your relationship is characterized by a chronic struggle for power and control, there's a good chance that one of the many types of domestic abuse is at play.From the most opulent penthouse luxury apartment to private homes in gated communities to urban projects and rural homesteads, the many types of domestic abuse visit upon victims without discrimination.Abusive behavior often occurs in patterns, and it can be difficult to determine when patterns within relationships move from healthy to unhealthy or abusive.Abuse has many forms; all are serious, and any kind of abuse is never the victim’s fault.Many types of domestic violence (domestic abuse) exist; each with devastating effects on those involved, including even mere witnesses of the violence.

If your partner has a pattern of behavior that makes you feel devalued or humiliated, it's domestic violence – regardless of whether it seems to fit in one of the above four categories.This document presents a gender analysis of teen dating violence.The author draws on various studies to examine physical aggression by girls and boys.Learn to recognize the types of domestic abuse and speak out for yourself and others who you feel may be in an abusive situation.Although abuse can manifest in many different ways within sexual and romantic relationships, abusive behaviors are about taking away power and control from another person by choosing to act without respect or care for their health and safety.

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