Did chelsea staub dating joe jonas

In "Direct to Video", Joe brought Stella chicken soup when she was sick. Rumored to be dating Joe Jonas, but it's only obvious he is way too good for her.

In "The Flirt Locker", Stella hurts Joe's feelings, "going to town" when addressing Joe's flaws. Also had slutty sleepover pictures of her with girl friends, and drinks underage.

She also performs two of the songs on the film's soundtrack.

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He knows from the show JONAS that they are both on.Nick and Macy arrange a boat trip and when Joe and Stella see each other, they both walk away.Nick stops Stella and talks to her, telling her that she really hurt Joe's feelings, so she stays.Instead, Disney Channel filmed a mini reality show, the 2008 Disney Channel Original Short Series Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream, which followed the Jonas Brothers on a concert tour and premiered May 16.In 2007, she played her first starring role as well as her first theatrical role, in the theatrical motion picture "Bratz: The Movie" as Meredith, the film's primary antagonist.

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