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The best way to do that is by creating a profile — on Grindr or elsewhere — that clearly describes what you want and what you're up for.Because good partners (sexual or otherwise) communicate their wants clearly.(The time and energy he sunk into you could have been sunk into someone looking for right now.) If you are clear, guys seeking instacock have only themselves to blame for wasting their time on you.Your timing could also have something to do with guys calling you an asshole.At that point, HHH can decide for himself if he wishes to proceed without you but with your blessing (which you can toss over your shoulder on your way out of the room). On the Lovecast, Rachel Lark and the Damaged Goods:

But if you're not clear in your profile or very first message about what you're doing there, TORSO, guys looking for a hookup on that hookup app will be rightly annoyed with you.Adding something like this to your profile should do it: "My preferred form of sexual relationship is the friend-with-benefits situation.I go on Grindr looking to make friends who could, at least potentially, be sex partners, but I like to do the friend thing before the sex." Grindr is an app designed and marketed to facilitate hookups, but some people have found friends, lovers, and husbands on the app (usually after hooking up first).If you're just chatting in the middle of the night, then you're probably wasting someone's time — if, again, you're not being absolutely clear about what you're doing there.Also, TORSO, Grindr is location-based, which means you're going to get a different experience based on where you're using it.

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