Derek jeter dating madonna

The good folks at Sports Illustrated just released a sneak preview of Hannah's new spread in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ... By the way, the pics were taken just weeks after she learned she was pregnant!!!!

Derek Jeter seems like a pretty decent guy who is probably harmless.

Some tabloids even went as far as calling him a “sex terrorist” and dubbing the entire saga as “The Derek Jeter STD Case”.

But, is there really any truth to these claims tabloids have been making for years? The man has also dated Adriana Lima, Hannah Davis, Minka Kelly, Vida Guerra, Bridget Hall and countless other Hollywood A and B list beauties.

The answer to the above puzzling questions is that Jeter is a person who even though has herpes, does not really care.

Long before Derek and Jennifer Aniston started dating, the rumor was already out that he has Herpes. He has dated several celebrities such that it is safe to say that he is a serial celebrity dater.

Genital sores have affected great celebrity musicians like Britney, and the flawless Kim seems not to be as flawless also.

Celebrity Herpes – The Derek Jeter STD Horror Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carrey, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Alyssa Milano may not have a lot in common at the first glance.

Word has it though that this captain may have spread herpes all over the place to a good number of people.

Does this mean that the large Jeter Herpes tree is his one great legacy?

How prominent is sexually irresponsible behavior in Hollywood and among A-list celebrities?

If these rumors aren’t true, why aren’t they denying them?

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