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(Most of all, fornification sends everyone to hell, unless they genuinely repent and stop their sinning).

It's very clear in more than one portion of scripture that sexual sins will definitely send people to hell.

Most men do not realize how much women are tempted with their tongues. Does he/she treat others fair, like he/she would want to be treated? DOES HE/SHE HAVE HIS/HER BIBLE OUT OR DO YOU EVER SEE HIM/HER READING IT OR QUOTING SCRIPTURE TO APPLY TO HIS/HER LIFE? This last one is the real "clincher" cause if he or she's not.....people can change, but much better if they do before the marriage ceremony than after. Most folks are extremely stubborn when it comes to changing their life-style.

Just like most women don't realize how men need to watch their eyes - same with women and their mouths. I've counseled far too many folks who think their spouse will change after they get married, only to be disappointed that their plan of 'changing' him/her isn't working like they thought it would! They will usually see the faults in others before they look at themselves in the 'mirror' of God's word (and prayer) and genuinely repent and change to be what GOD wants them to be.

That’s why we’re working across the region to protect the landscapes and seascapes we all love, and to make sure nature and people can thrive together – now and always.

Gold Standard is pleased to publish the “Corporate Climate Stewardship: Guidelines for best practice climate action” along with CDP WWF to help companies set ambitious climate strategies in the era of the Paris Agreement.

Here are my thoughts for any man/woman you may date or plan to marry: 1) Be careful not to share about your finances or other private situations in your life, especially if the man/woman works at your workplace.

Marriage is more than sex, as important as sex is, you well know that marriage has to have good communicational skills and friendship to one another. Communication, love (without sex), work, pleasure, and forgiveness, all play a part in having a good, lasting marriage. Is he/she practical or impulsive when it comes to his/ her finances.

Artist duo, Martinka Bobrikova (SK/NO/SE) & Oscar de Carmen (ES/NO/SE), has been working together since 2005.

Their practice, which is often community based, aims at setting up new social ecosystems.

With our new Project Marketplace, you can make a direct impact by purchasing Gold Standard carbon credits from projects that protect our climate while helping communities access critical services like energy, safe water, food and education.

Gold Standard projects have always stood for the best that can be achieved in climate and development.

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