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I don’t know you personally, but I can truthfully say…. If you start to truly believe that and find yourself to be as much of the “complete package” as you hope to find in someone else, you’ll wake up one day and realize you’re attracting the exact people that you want to be with.

Your partner’s attractiveness should not feel like a direct reflection of your own.

If you’re satisfied with your own company first and foremost, I promise someone will come along and want to share life’s party with you!

Moral of the story is – don’t worry about if someone else is marking off all the boxes on your checklist!

But what happens when even the lists become illogical? When the lists start bearing an eerie resemblance to those Build-A-Bear Workshops in the mall—only, instead of building toys, you're building fake human beings inside your head—fake human beings that you hope and pray actually do exist because THIS is what you want and expect, and the more you think about it, you just won't settle for less! And nobody especially wants to be seen as the type of person who settles, because those people are kind of pathetic, if you're really being honest.

What happens when they become, dare I say it, unrealistic? Those are the people who have given up on life—given up on their dreams.

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