Dating wifes cousin

Poe had believed it was just “a ruptured blood-vessel,” but it was in fact the first sign of Each time I felt all the agonies of her death — and at each accession of the disorder I loved her more dearly & clung to her life with more desperate pertinacity.But I am constitutionally sensitive — nervous in a very unusual degree.In previous known letters, Einstein expressed the misery he experienced in his first marriage, describing Mileva as a depressed and jealous woman.Of the two sons he had with her, he had even confessed he wished his younger son Eduard, whom had schizophrenia, was never born.Pragmatic and disciplined in his work, he was nothing but in his personal life. Einstein was married twice, first to his former student Mileva Maric, and then to his cousin Elsa.His marriages were marred with affairs, along with women lavishing gifts on him.A Presbyterian minister officiated the union, and the couple honeymooned briefly in Petersburg, Virginia, on the Appomattox River.Poe and Clemm’s familial ties weren’t scandalous for the time — marriage between first cousins was legal in all states before the Civil War — but biographer Kenneth Silverman believes their stark difference in age sparked disapproval.

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Up until his death, Albert Einstein was on the hunt for one simple, cohesive theory that could explain space and time.

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I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

Unable to cope with Clemm’s illness, Poe began drinking heavily.

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