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The person you've been introduced to may then reply mnye tozhye (mnye TOH-zheh) (same here).Greetings and introductions are usually accompanied by a "How are you?" The most common ways to ask how someone is doing are: Whether it is the special Valentine's Day or any other day of the year, you always have several ways to express your feelings through a sincere compliment.At last, here are some responses to compliments that people make to you.

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Isaiah Berlin, who visited Akhmatova in her Leningrad apartment in November 1945 while serving in Russia as first secretary of the British embassy, aptly described her as a tragic queen,” according to György Dalos. In the poem Akhmatova’s shawl arrests her movement and turns her into a timeless and tragic female figure. Punin, whom Akhmatova regarded as her third husband, took full advantage of the relatively spacious apartment and populated it with his successive wives and their families. After her recovery from a severe case of typhus in 1942, she began writing her fragmentary autobiography.And yet I understood that I didn’t know spoken Russian namely in the field of dating, I just did NOT know what to say on a date.All usual language courses, including books, taught to speak only in some common situations.Otherwise, it would be hard even for Russians to pronounce!Here are some other ways to greet people, depending on what time of day it is: Making a good first impression is important for the beginning of any relationship.

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