Dating victorian england

Famous companies such as Wedgwood, Meissen, Doulton, Minton, Derby and Worcester all use a variety of numerical or symbolic china marks that can, with just a little knowledge and analysis, give you the exact date of production.

However, few collectors, buyers or sellers have the ability to memorise all china marka, signatures or number codes used on antiques.

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The left hand image demonstrates a design registration mark for 12th November 1852 (K for November and D for 1852).The dress code was pivotal to take a woman’s freedom away and often put emphasises on Men’s authority and control.Long and heavy dresses which scraped the floor meant that these ‘married’ women would struggle to move.This is probably why the Victorian kite mark was changed to a Registration serial number in 1884.The examples below demonstrate just how difficult it can be to determine the actual characters in each corner.

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