Dating traditional thai girl

Being ‘jai yen’ means not getting upset about little things, not getting stressed and not showing anger over things you cannot control.

Thai men, overall, tend to be very ‘jai yen’ but, there’s also a downside to that.

It seems to be much easier to hurt a Thai man than it does a western man, so you do have to be careful about comments you make.

I tend to err on the side of complete kindness as, in the past, innocent little comments have cut my Thai guy to the quick.

Because they don’t show a lot of anger, when they do eventually get angry, their anger can be much scarier than with a western men as they seem to lose all control.

Just be aware of some of the cultural differences and you’ll be fine.If you’re a western woman too, Thai men take care of you even more because they want you to have a good impression of Thailand and Thai people.Thai Men Carry Your Purse and Your Shopping – One thing I’ve always thought was funny about Thai men is they carry their girlfriend’s purse when they’re out shopping.Even when things get upsetting or stressful, they will still laugh about it anyway, as that’s the Thai way, and far more pleasant than the screaming and sulkiness of a large percentage of western men when they get in a snit.Thai Men Are Sensitive – Thai men are more sensitive than western men or, at least, they show it more.

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