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In other words, a woman who is the same size as another woman but has a higher amount of muscle than the other woman will actually weigh more than the less muscular woman.So even though the woman looks better, she steps on the scale, sees a number she doesn’t like and then gets discouraged.(This is an added note: To the women who are naturally skinny like a runway model, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Contrary to popular belief, women CAN eat away their attractive figure. Fat is not sexy I have struggled with weight related issues and eating disorders since I gained weight in my teen years (20 years ago).Weight means your entire body weight – muscle, organs, fat, water, etc. Fit means that you have a low body fat percentage (for women, having a body fat percentage in the lower 20s is good).So weight-loss shouldn’t necessarily be anyone’s goal. The problem is that a lot of women will go all-out on cardio and never do any weight lifting because they don’t want to get big muscles. You would need to have the intention to put on muscle to put on enough muscle to appear abnormally muscle-y.I’ve been really skinny since childhood and some people often were worried about me lifting something or carrying something because they look at my arms and only thing they see are bones. So girls, don’t worry about your body or your looks, because yes, all men aren’t the same and all people aren’t the same too.Just because one thinks wrong, does not mean every one is like him. In the USA, where I am, women are advised to accept their unhealthiness and extra weight.

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