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There are 20 in the group, average age 65, who faithfully practise every Monday night through spring fall and winter accompanied by pianist Tarmo Viitre.

Our folk-dance instructor, Enno Paat, pointed out we were the largest such group in Canada.

In 1955 the enormous flow of the Narva Waterfall was redirected to the turbines of the Narva Hydropower Station.

About 2 or 3 days a year they open the barricades and allow it to run au natural.

Earlier in 1941 not less than 25,000 people were deported to Siberia, in 1944 approximately 60,000 were taken and in 1949 another 21,000 sent to forced-labour camps in Siberia.

Some 70,000 Estonians managed to escape to primarily Sweden and Germany.

Each year a huge batch of sausages are made at the Kembi Talu in Surrey, B. beginning with Jaak Selde doing the bulk of the purchasing. The sausage mixture is then fed into a commercial sausage-making machine and the casings are put onto the machine nozzle.

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Over 20,000 candles were lit to commemorate the innocent people who were deported to Siberia by the Communist Soviet Union in 1949.

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