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lets you tap into your inner cowgirl with a four-day yoga and riding retreat to help improve balance and agility.Set in the big sky country of Bozeman, Montana, accommodations are either inside a ranch or classic B&B with gourmet you partake in plenty of surfing, kayaking, fishing and horseback riding.Beyond a can-do attitude, I think yoga and weight training are essential, for balance and strength.Good boots, a great helmet, and not too much horse are also assets.

His own mentor hunted and jumped into his early 90s!When you're my age and you fall off, you splatter," said Roy Rogers, and he was right.Staying in shape for riding is critical; it makes riding possible plus diffuses the muscle aches between rides.We came up with compensations in mounting (from the off-side, with a mounting block), stirrup length (longer than normally suggested).I also knew a woman whose doctor pulled the reins after a severe osteoporosis diagnosis--she was out of the saddle, but not out of the scene.

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