Dating on campus not what it used to be

Colleges can’t truly indoctrinate a generation that grew up with the Internet, which has conditioned us not to take what we’re told at face value.

When I did my own research into my professor’s arguments, I found out that unrestricted trade and the spread of capitalism have done more to reduce global poverty than almost anything else.

So we don’t have to worry about young people getting “indoctrinated” by left-wing professors or a radical college culture.

If anything, the campus Left makes a compelling case for conservatism to many of the students who cross its path.

Try as they might, would-be liberal indoctrinaters haven’t convinced college students to turn our backs on the Second Amendment.Reporting to police will not affect your ability to pursue resolution through the University process.The University's process is independent of the criminal process.I became even more concerned when classroom conversations turned . Yet I wasn’t convinced by the case for collectivism on campus, and neither were many of my classmates.One You Gov survey suggests that only 7 percent of millennials would prefer to live in a Communist society, and more millennials now think of Communism as a present-day problem than did in 2016.

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