Dating ginger bottles

With the cleaning - which did not compromise the still very bold embossing - this bottle is near mint, the only issue being some very, very minor roughness with no depth (more felt than seen) to one side of the lip rim that is likely to have been in-making.

There is also must faintest wisps of haze a couple edges inside..hard to see.

(label only) - This is an early machine-made labeled tonic bottle that has a great original-to-this-bottle label as noted, which was a "mild laxative averaging 25% alcohol." This is a somewhat later product of the Celro-Kola Co. There are at least two earlier embossed versions of this bottle dating from the 1900 to 1910s era - one mouth-blown, one machine-made.

(I have examples of both which I may offer for sale in the near future.) This example has the one label on the side as shown with the other three sides not labeled nor embossed.

Each 4-ounce bottle contains two servings of concentrated, long-aged kombucha combined with fruits, roots and spices.

Big Easy Bucha is the largest commercial kombucha brewery in the Gulf South, located at 4040 Euphrosine Street, New Orleans, LA 70125.

The surface of the bottle is very wavy, lumpy and crude which is largely a function it appears of the rough, unpolished surface of the likely iron mold it was made it.

The bottle also appears to have been professionally cleaned at some point and there is still some faint surface etching visible on most of the sides.

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In any event these are early, crude, and light glass bottles that have a lot of appeal for an aqua medicine bottle.

And while it's a hot item on supermarket shelves today, kombucha was thought to have originated in China, dating back to 220 B. Our kombucha contains a trace amount of alcohol due to natural fermentation.

Lil' Easy Kombucha Shots provide your daily dose of probiotics in the form of a festive shot.

Big Easy Bucha supports the health and well-being of Gulf Coast communities by sourcing from small farmers and pouring a portion of the proceeds from our beverages back into regional charities.

Kombucha is a refreshing, effervescent, fermented tea that is naturally sweetened but low in sugar, making it the perfect soda alternative. No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners are ever used (including Stevia).

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